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A1 Profits from New EU Rules

Business is booming for A1 Flue Systems following the introduction of new EU regulations for the construction industry.

We have seen a big upturn in orders after CE Marking came into force on 1st July. The regulations set new mandatory standards for products sold accross Europe - including bespoke industrial chimneys and flue systems.

Our company had put new processes in place long before the CE Marking deadline, so we have been able to profit from the new rules from day one.

Director of A1 Flue Systems, TJ Moir, said that A1 Flue Systems had been gearing up for CE Marking for months and is now reaping the rewards.

"From 1st July, it became mandatory for manufacturers to apply CE Marking to products such as flues, stoves, radiators, fans and other HVAC products - and this has huge implications for our sector of the construction industry," she said.

"A1 Flue Systems has set the standard in our industry for a number of years and, in many respects, the CE Marking has merely ratified our best practice - but we've still had to invest time, energy and capital into making sure A1 Flue Systems was compliant before the rules came into force."

"As a result, we have seen a big increase in orders after the 1st July and that's testament to the hard work of the teams at A1 that design, manufacture and install our flue systems."

And because we're the only manufacturer in the UK to secure a single accreditation for a complete flue system, this puts us at a massive advantage over our competitors who have to have numerous ones for all component parts - which significantly increases the paperwork they have to produce.

Fellow Director, John Hamnett, added that he also believes the construction industry had been stockpiling contracts ahead of the introduction of CE Marking and that building firms have been awarding orders to manufacturers who are compliant.

"CE Marking is a very specific set of standards and it's clear to me that construction companies had been holding off awarding key contracts until 1st July because they wanted to ensure that all products meet all regulations," he said.

"And now the rules have come into force, we have seen the floodgates open - not just for orders but also for advice."

"As the UK market leader in our industry, architects, specifiers and large contractors look to us for advice and technical information about flue systems and our teams have responded magnificently because they are the UK's foremost experts in this area."