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Environmental Policy

A1 Flue Systems is committed to conducting its business in an ethical and socially responsible manner. It aims to minimise the environmental impacts of its activities and promote greater environmental understanding, to ensure the future prosperity for generations to come, while maintaining an efficient and sustainable working environment.

A1 Flue Systems strives to provide products and services that are environmentally sound throughout their life cycle, and to conduct operations of the product in an environmentally sensitive manner, and comply with all environmental legislation.

A1 Flue Systems recognises that environmental management is assuming increased importance within our business sector, as in society generally and is committed to continually improve its environmental performance on a cost effective basis. It will take action to achieve these aims independently and in co-operation with others. All A1 managers and employees are expected to support implementation of this policy in accordance with their roles and responsibilities in the organisation.

Policy Objectives
Provide a safe and healthy working environment, and ensure that personnel are properly trained and have appropriate safety and emergency equipment.

Be an environmentally responsible neighbour in the community where we operate. To take prompt and affirmative action to correct incidents or conditions that endangers health and safety or the environment. Report these incidents to the regulatory authority, as and when appropriate.

Where appropriate, and cost effective to our clients, design our products and services by reusing and recycling waste material, and to minimise all packaging used.

Use development and manufacturing processes that do not adversely affect the environment, including continual research and development of new machinery and technology that will improve operational efficiency in minimising waste, air and water pollution. Also technologies that help minimise health and safety risks, and disposal of waste safely and responsibly.

To continually meet and exceed all applicable environmental regulations and requirements. Always to adhere to our own stringent requirements.

Integrate environmental management into our business culture and decision-making process. To regularly measure our performance, and practice continual improvement, by training courses for employees and regular self-assessment, through in-house environmental audits.

Exercise control over all A1 vehicles, to make sure they are within government legislation guidelines, and where possible provide new equipment to minimise their environmental impact.

A1 Flue Systems strives to continually improve its Environmental Management position within the industry, to try and adhere to all Environmental Performance Assessment required by future clients. It is our goal to maintain a standard of environmental excellence, without compromising our high standards of our products and commitment to our existing client base.

All managers and employees will be made aware of the adverse effect, their actions or lack of it could have on the environment. The Directors supported by the Senior Managers all accept responsibility and expect all employees to co-operate with the Company to carry out this policy in an efficient and effective manner. A1 Flue Systems regards compliance with relevant environmental laws, and the adoption of responsible standards where no legislation exists, as an integral part of its business strategy.