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Life-saving defibrillator installed at A1

The staff at A1 Flues and other businesses on the Boughton Industrial Estate have helped to raise enough money to buy and install a potentially life-saving defibrillator.

We raised more than £1,000 to purchase an automated external defibrillator (AED), which will deliver a shock of electricity to a person suffering cardiac arrest.

The money was raised through a range of activities, such as raffles, prize draws and donations to buy the AED, and it has been installed just close to our entrance gates on Maun Way – and is available for anyone to use in an emergency.

We are happy to accommodate the AED – which needs to be connected to mains electricity to ensure that it is fully charged at all times so that it can function effectively in an emergency.

Our staff initially suggested the idea of installing a defibrillator, and word spread through the estate, which led to other companies raising money, such as Key Building Supplies.

Stephanie Blacknell from Key Building Supplies said that her company was delighted to donate more than £100 to the fund for a defibrillator.

“The Boughton Industrial Estate is a community of local businesses, and everyone we spoke to felt it was a great idea to have such a simple but potentially life-saving device close at hand – should the unthinkable happen,” she said.

The AED is specifically designed for novice users and has voice and visual prompts to guide users when administering potentially life-saving help. The key feature of the AED at A1 Flues is that it can detect a pulse and therefore will not deliver an electric shock in the event that a person exhibiting the symptoms may not actually be experiencing cardiac arrest.

The device is designed to give a biphasic waveform – a type of shock given to someone suffering cardiac arrest. The shock is achieved when two pads are placed on the body, creating a circuit for the shock to travel through the heart.

Our Directors TJ and John said they were delighted at how businesses on Boughton Industrial Estate have rallied round to turn a good idea into a reality.

They said: “We’re keeping our fingers crossed that there’ll never be a need to use the AED, but it’s massively reassuring to know that there’s something close to hand on the Boughton Industrial Estate that could potentially save someone’s life.”