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A1 in the Daily Express

“Success is in the pipeline” is the headline of the article all about A1 Flue Systems in today’s Daily Express.

The article focuses on how A1 is going from strength to strength and talks about how we have experienced a £1m ‘Brexit boost’ since the UK’s vote to leave the European Union last summer. This is because A1’s competitors import most of their flues from Europe and have been hit hard by the rising cost of imports following the fall in the value of the pound.

Reporter Maisha Frost interviewed our director TJ and was keen to hear about the high standards that A1 works to. She was amazed that our company is still the only one in the UK that has achieved the CE Mark for a complete system – even though it came into force in July 2013.

The article also mentioned some of the high-profile projects that A1 has worked on and the fact that the exporting side of our business is booming as we keep winning contracts in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Maisha was also very understanding and did not print a whole series of other projects that we are working on because of the sensitivities around projects of commercial significance or national importance.

What was most touching was the fact that Maisha picked up on how a family business that employs generations of local families has grown to become the UK market leader in the design, manufacture and installation of commercial and industrial chimney, flue and exhaust systems.

The online version is even better, as they included more photos and our promotional film.

If one article sums up what A1 Flues is all about, then this is it.