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A1 on BBC News at Six - and again at Ten

An interview with our Director TJ was featured on both the BBC Six O’Clock and Ten O’Clock News last night.

The interview was part of the first news item about the reaction to Chancellor George Osborne’s Budget, where Reporter Kamal Ahmed examined the impact it would have on the wider economy – as well as on businesses.

The spotlight was thrown on A1 and TJ when Kamal Ahmed talked about news from the Bank of England that said wages and productivity in the UK are rising. This, he said, was good news for the chancellor, as supporting SMEs is important to keep fuelling UK growth.

After showing everyone hard at work manufacturing commercial flue and chimney systems, the film then cut to a short interview with TJ.

She said that businesses like A1 have to continually reinvest all their efforts into staff and machinery as part of a process of securing their long-term prosperity.

TJ mentioned widening capabilities in reference to the fact that businesses have to constantly evolve and diversify as part of any growth plans.

And she talked about how SMEs have to work hard to continually put themselves out there and build reputations as the companies that customers should use.

There’s no doubt that being on the main national BBC News will do exactly that for A1 in helping us to keep reminding customers of our capabilities. After all, if we’re good enough for the BBC, that speaks volumes about our capabilities and reputation. 

But we hope that our appearance exemplifies much more than that. TJ got the call at 10am and the camera crew were with us by lunchtime and started filming virtually straight away, as they were on a deadline. They took us as they found us: there were no airs and graces, just 140 people doing what we do day in and day out – working hard designing, manufacturing and installing commercial flue and chimney systems.