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A1 scoops Excellence in Manufacturing award

A1 Flue Systems has won the Excellence in Manufacturing award at the Nottingham Post Business Awards.

This is such a big accolade for our business and directors TJ Duncan-Moir and John Hamnett were on hand to collect it on behalf of all 135 people who work at A1.

We are rightly proud of the fact that we are the only company in the UK that designs, manufactures and installs bespoke commercial and industrial chimney, flue and exhaust systems.

We’re even prouder that all our success has been achieved in a quiet corner of North Nottinghamshire where generations of local families have been the reason we have grown as a business and developed an excellence in manufacturing that is helping A1 to continue winning contracts in the UK and, increasingly, across the world. This award is for them.

Here’s an extract from a question and answer session by Nottingham Post’s Head of Business, Gemma Toulson, with our boss TJ in the run up to the award ceremony.

What would it mean to your company if you were to win this award? “Winning the award would be fantastic recognition for all the hard work and dedication from all 135 staff who never let our standards drop and continually strive to be the best when it comes to British manufactured products.”

What has the last year been like for your company? “We never rest on our laurels and have continued to drive our company forward - both in our core business of designing, manufacturing and installing commercial flue systems as well as diversifying in to new markets.

The creation of a new subsidiary company to provide additional, value-added commercial flue maintenance services has proved to be very successful and we expect it to keep growing.

We have also invested time and resources expanding in to other markets both home and abroad and this is already starting to pay dividends.”

What do you expect the next year will be like for your industry? “We expect to see the continued loosening of the squeeze on the construction industry with a greater emphasis on the flow of work - which we are able to measure in two main ways.

The first is a direct correlation between the pace of growth in the construction industry and the switch in priorities. It wasn’t so long ago that we faced enormous pressure to produce the keenest possible quotes for projects. That pressure won’t go away but it should continue easing as companies are becoming more concerned with the speed at which we can deliver on projects.

The second is the number of big projects in the pipeline after being mothballed during the recession. We are already in advanced discussions with contractors on what will become some very high profile projects.”