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BBC film at A1 again and this time it is political

Having film crews coming to see the secrets behind what we do has become commonplace at A1 – but, that said, there’s always a buzz of excitement throughout the company when the cameras start rolling.

It feels like the BBC is here that often these days that their news crews have got their own car parking space!

This time they’ve come to gauge our reaction to the general election results for BBC One’s Sunday Politics East Midlands.

Political Editor, John Hess, came to talk to our boss TJ about the outlook for the next five years; what she hopes Prime Minister David Cameron will do for UK businesses and the issue of European trade. As ever, TJ was charmingly forthright in expressing what needs to be done to help support and protect British manufacturing. She was very clear about European regulations being a good thing but that there had to be an equal and level playing field for everyone.

John Hess also talked to a number of our staff - including Claire and Chris - to find out what the election means to them.

We’ll all be watching on Sunday morning to see A1 on the TV again and to see this family firm being part of the political discussion about the future of the UK.