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A1 charity bake for Breast Cancer Care

A1’s annual charity fundraising event – based on the popular TV show The Great British Bake Off – has topped last year’s total, thanks to a cake made from a 50-year-old recipe.

Tony Moore from our Estimating department scooped the top prize, using a recipe from a Be-Ro cookbook handed down to him by his mother, at the Pink Fridays fundraiser that A1 Flue Systems holds every year for Breast Cancer Care.

His chocolate cake creation, which he called Pigs in Mud, featured Kit Kats around the sides and pink pigs – in keeping with the fundraising theme – on the top.

As well as looking fantastic, it tasted even better after Tony – who is known as Rocky to his workmates – revealed a small but significant change that helped to deliver even more flavour.

He revealed that a switch from ordinary cocoa powder to Bourneville cocoa powder made all the difference and helped him to pick up A1 Flue Systems’ coveted engraved MasterBaker rolling pin. He will keep the rolling pin until he defends his title next October.

“The recipe, which is more than 50 years old and was handed down by my mother, has proved to be a real winner,” he said. “It just goes to show that the old ones are the best.”

The 130-strong workforce at the Boughton Industrial Estate factory had to raise their game this year after A1 Flue Systems brought in a guest judge from the company’s Italian counterparts to mark the cakes and crown this year’s star baker.

The staff raised nearly £220, which was up more than £30 on last year’s total, and everyone at A1 can only put it down to the fact that expectations were higher this year and competition was fierce for the rolling pin.

The company is a long-time supporter of Breast Cancer Care and in the past has done its own version of ‘calendar girls’, featuring naked staff behind sections of chimneys.