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A1 in The Sunday Times

An interview with the founder of A1 Flue Systems, Colin Moir, has appeared in The Sunday Times, and we’re all chuffed to bits.

Colin was interviewed for How I Made It and talked about why and how he set up the company more than 40 years ago.

With the headline ‘The footballer moved up a league by showing his metal at the Shard’, the interview was always going to start by focusing on Colin’s former career as a professional footballer with Nottingham Forest. It highlighted the fact that, in his day, the maximum wage was £20 per week – not enough to support a family on, which is why he eventually hung up his boots and set upon a path that led him to start his own company.

The article charted the rise of our company from its humble begins based in a former chicken shed near Elkesley to becoming the market leader in the design, manufacture and installation of commercial and industrial chimney, flue and exhaust systems.

Mention was made of some of the project’s we’ve been involved with, such as the Shard in London, as well as our ambitious plans for growth.

But what we’re really pleased with is that the journalist picked up on what we’re most proud of at A1: we’re a family business. It mentioned how other members of the family, including Colin’s wife Janice and children TJ and Brendan, had become involved with the business.

It was a very touching and affectionate article, and we’re all very proud of it. You can see more of the article at The Sunday Times.