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A1 on ITV News

A news crew from ITV News has been filming what goes on at A1 Flue Systems for a news item on Chancellor George Osborne’s Autumn Statement.

Our friends at Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Chamber of Commerce (DNCC) singled us out to ITV as a manufacturing company that is on the up and on the cusp of great things as we gear up to start exporting industrial flues and chimneys made by hand to some of the most ambitious and prestigious construction projects in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Reporter Alison Mackenzie organised for a cameraman to film our manufacturing facilities. They’d only allocated an hour but they ended up staying much longer to capture all the processes that go into producing chimneys from flat sheets of stainless steel.

As usual, the whole team at A1 was brilliant, throwing open the doors and letting the cameraman film whatever he wanted – which included lots of close-ups of the team on the factory floor going about this work.

As well as filming how we make flues, our Directors TJ and John were filmed giving their comments on the ramifications of the Autumn Statement on businesses like A1.

TJ and John are becoming old hands at speaking to the media and dealing with questions such as “How has the company been doing in the past three years in these times of recession?” “Where are you planning to export to and why?” “What would you like to see from the government to help small businesses like yours?” and “How important is having a skilled workforce to you?”

Of course, the coverage that appeared on ITV Central News only featured a few snippets of answers but, once again, we enjoyed the spotlight of the media shining on A1 Flue Systems. 

Who’s next, Sky News?